the girl's guide to hair extensions for your wedding

Updated: Mar 24

Author: Nancy Dawson, Founder, BRIDEface


So let’s face it, being a woman is hard. We all want what we can’t have. You have straight hair you want curly, you have curly hair you want it straight. When you have a bob, you want long hair and vice versa. It’s tough. That’s where modern beauty gurus come in. It’s 2019, sometimes we can change what we don’t like, and since we’re talking about hair...Let’s talk about hair extensions.

Below you’ll find a in-depth guide to extensions for your big day.

Clip-In Hair Extensions


Seamless Application: Clip-in hair extensions come with a clip already sewn into the hair extension, so using them is intuitive and straightforward—all you have to do is snap them in.

Affordable Options: If you're on a budget, clip-ins can be less expensive than the other types of extensions. This is a great bridal beauty hack to save some money while still achieving a gorgeous head of hair. You can find decent clip in extensions starting at about $60. Any option between the $125-300 range is ideal (these are my personal favorite option for extensions).

Multiple Clips: Each kit contains about 10 to 12 clips with different widths so your hair stylists can clip them wherever's needed to complete your look. This is a great option for brides who want to add a little volume or a few inches of length to their hairstyle.

Real Hair: In 2019, we have some of the best extensions on the market sourced ethically and made of real human hair. You can apply heat, color match and pin, just like real hair. Make sure to grab a brand that is labeled REMY or real human hair. Check the back for and warnings of synthetics. Synthetic hair is made of plastic and will melt when heat styling.


Possible Breakage: If you have fragile or fine hair, the clips may not be the best extension choice for you—they have the potential to cause hair breakage or split ends if taken out incorrectly. But since you'll mainly just be wearing them for one day, this con is minimal.

Where to find them: Sally Beauty Supply, Belami Hair,

Permanent Hair Extensions


Long-Lasting Wear: Permanent hair extensions are sewn, glued or taped onto your hair and last from four to eight weeks. If you want the long hair look every day (from your rehearsal dinner through your honeymoon, for example), then this is a great option to consider. If it’s just for your wedding day, though, you might want to consider more temporary extensions.

Instantaneous Long Hair: If you’ve had short or fine hair your whole life and want to change things up, getting permanent hair extensions is an instant way to guarantee longer hair. Instead of waiting months or even years for your hair to grow, you'll be rocking long hair in just a few short hours. This is an excellent beauty hack for how to update your hair aesthetic.


Possible Hair Damage: These extensions definitely provide long wear, but they can be damaging to those with thin or sensitive hair. If your extensions are heavy and constantly weighing down on your hair, it can cause hair loss or breakage.

Higher Maintenance: Permanent hair extensions require a lot of specific cleaning and maintenance tricks. Before you commit to permanent extensions, be sure you're ready to commit to the upkeep involved too.

Where to find them: Ask your hairstylist.

Prior to your hair trial, review any photos you've chosen as inspiration for your wedding day hairdo to see if you might need a little extra volume or length to make it work. Then ask your hairstylist for recommendations on where to find extensions and what type is best for you. If you're considering wearing extensions, I highly recommend you buy them before your trial so you can see the full look then.



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