FACEing Classes
Tired of having drawers full of makeup mistakes? Hate that last snapshot someone tagged of you on Facebook? Want to look younger? More “hip?” More polished? More professional? More sexy?

Nancy saw a real need for women to feel more confident about their ability to transform their own appearance. She was constantly approached by women who were frustrated with wasting money on products that didn’t work, were wrong for them, or that they did not know how to use properly.

They would often purchase the product because a magazine’s beauty editor gave it a “top pick” or the beauty advisor at the mall talked them into buying a pricey product. Women spend, on average, $100 a month on beauty products and may not know how to use them.

Why not take a small fraction of your yearly beauty budget and actually invest it in gaining more knowledge? Learn how to shop for cosmetics, how to apply them yourself, and have lots of fun doing it. By taking a FACEing Class you can walk into that beauty specialty store empowered with confidence!

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  • One-on-One Lesson
    Provides approximately 90 minutes of uninterrupted instruction. The individual attention allows you to be in control. We will help you create a look of two that you can repeat on your own, assess your current products, and send you home with a shopping list and detailed “cheat sheet.”


  • Lessons for 2 People
    Includes everything in the one-on-one lesson but with a friend!


  • Small Group Lessons (3 - 6 people)
    Perfect for a girls night. Witness different looks and have fun while working with a FACEing artist to fine tune your application techniques!

    $85.00 per person
  • FACEing Class Options
    DATE NIGHT DRAMA This class is designed to show how you can go from daytime to your favorite hot-spot by making your eyes more smoky or intense.

    DEFYING GRAVITY We will teach you tips and tricks that will turn back the clock to bring out the youngest you.

    FIVE-MINUTE FABULOUS Learn how you can go from a naked face to a polished look that you can accomplish in just five minutes.

    CREATE YOUR CANVAS Master techniques such as contouring, highlighting, concealing and how to get a perfect canvas before color application.

    DIY BRIDAL Perfect for a destination wedding, we will share with you all the insider tips that professional makeup artists use every day so that you will feel gorgeous on your big day.

    FRESHman FACE Mom doesn’t know best? Don’t worry, just let us help guide your teen to an age appropriate look that all of her friends are going to want to copy.
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